It's all about love!

What a beautiful day it is here in southern Arizona!

As I sit looking at all the lovely posts today, I can't help thinking how very blessed my life has been throughout my sixty two years. No, I haven't had all my "wants" in life, but my daily "needs" have always managed to be met, and for that I am most grateful.

While others go about in celebration of Valentine's Day; a day all about "love," I will spend most of my day at home getting some much needed cleaning done, and hopefully squeeze in a bit of writing here and there to boot. Yes, I am called "boring" by most of my family, especially my grandchildren. But at sixty two, I think I have earned the right to be "boring" if I choose to be!

Wishing all of my friends a very Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. I hope you had a lovely day. What a beautiful post and a good reminder to each of us to always be thankful for what we have and never take anything for granted. x

    1. Thank you, Alexandra. Yes, it was a nice day, nothing exciting, but quiet and peaceful just the way I like it. xx