The Beauty of Books

I seem to find beauty in each and every book I read. It may not be in the book as a whole, for I'm sure each of us have been left disappointed at the end of a book we were so anxious to read. Maybe the plot wasn't well thought out, the writer may have over used a certain word, or we simply got bored because it carried on too long and the climax didn't live up to our expectations. But with each book I have read so far, I've found at least one line, a paragraph, a scene, or a single descriptive word that made that book and that author memorable.

I am a huge fan of the Bronte' sisters. Their books have a special place in my home and everyone knows better than to ask to borrow! They will only enter into new hands at my demise. "Jane Eyre" and "Wuthering Heights" made me fall in love with the written word in such a way that I mourn their untimely deaths that took away any opportunity of delivering another piece of their beautiful work to this world. I own several copies of these two books along with all their other beautiful works.

I would be hard pressed to decide if asked which of these books is my very favorite, but I can honestly say that Cathy and Heathcliff hold a very special place in my heart.

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