Write that review!

We, as writers, not only want our work to be read, but we also like to know that our labors of love are being enjoyed, and yes, appreciated. I try to write a nice review for the authors of every book I read. Yes, we will be disappointed in a few, but for the most part, the books I have selected have brought me many hours of pleasure.

Right now I am nearly finished with a psychological thriller, "The Attic Room," by Linda Huber. It is her third novel. It has kept me thoroughly engrossed, and I can say now, even before I have finished the book that I will go back and read her other books as well.

If you have enjoyed reading a book, do that author a favor by writing a nice review. Let them know how much you enjoyed their labor of love!


  1. A really good post and a great reminder to do so. I've read so many good books this past year and starting 2 new ones! I've not heard about the Attic Room but it sure sounds intriguing!

  2. Hello Alexandra! So happy to hear when someone finds the time to read. In todays busy world it can be difficult indeed. May I ask what books you are now reading? Although I enjoyed,"The Attic Room" from a writers perspective, it may not be the right choice for some readers as the story line deals with child abuse. Hope you enjoy your books, and if you do, please let me know the titles! :)