Going out with a BANG!

Co-writing "The Mis-Adventures of Chance" series has been so much fun! And my dear friend, Mila DelaRosa, who is also "Chance's" owner, has been an angel to work with. (For those who don't know, Chance is a doll. But he's not just any doll, he is a very special therapy doll.)

Tonight we were discussing the final book of this series, and we both decided we want to go out with a BANG!! This little guy definitely deserves it. He works very hard at turning frowns upside down at several nursing facilities.

I can't disclose much for now, but I can tell you that Chance will be having some great adventures in, "Little Man's Big Dream." I'm sure it will put happy smiles on many little faces.

The links for all of the "Mis-Adventures of Chance" books are listed right here under "My books," as well as my email address if you have any questions about any of my books or future projects.

Have a great week end my friends!

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