Different books, different genres.

Over the years I've dabbled in several different genres of writing and been fortunate enough to have some of my works published in each. It's been a dream come true for me. I feel so very blessed, not only to have my work published, but to have met so many wonderful writers and illustrators that I now call my friends.

Lately I've found myself quite busy on several new projects in various genres, and I'm loving every minute of it. Working on more than one at a time for some writers can be a good thing or a bad thing. Fortunately for me, (at least this time) it's been a good thing as it seems to be keeping my creative juices flowing.

Sometimes it takes a while for a writer to discover their niche/genre. But when they do, most know it right away. And in some cases it may not be one, but several they're good at. But I've found there's always a favorite that we seem to enjoy and work in the most.

What is your favorite genre to read/write, and why? I'd love to hear from you! :)

Getting started

Sometimes the hardest part of writing can be just getting started. That ominous blank computer screen, or that blank sheet of paper staring back at you in the early morning or late night hours can feel quite threatening at times. "Fill me up or I'll haunt your dreams!" Yes, it can be terrifying!

I've been dealing with that 'blank computer screen syndrome' lately. So what I decided to do was go back into my desk and pull out a few of the unfinished stories I've chucked away over the years. Believe me, that can be a frustrating task all by itself. When I said few, I should have said dozens! Who knew! This is just one of the many tasks we writers deal with in our oh so glamorous lives. Sheesh!

But today, Voila! I defeated the blank screen! A certain little character popped back into my head while I was searching, and I began to type. It's only one hurdle, but I managed to leap over it and send some words flying onto that ominous blank screen. Who knows what tomorrow might bring! Or even late tonight for that matter!

How do you manage to overcome those 'blank' days of writing?

Going out with a BANG!

Co-writing "The Mis-Adventures of Chance" series has been so much fun! And my dear friend, Mila DelaRosa, who is also "Chance's" owner, has been an angel to work with. (For those who don't know, Chance is a doll. But he's not just any doll, he is a very special therapy doll.)

Tonight we were discussing the final book of this series, and we both decided we want to go out with a BANG!! This little guy definitely deserves it. He works very hard at turning frowns upside down at several nursing facilities.

I can't disclose much for now, but I can tell you that Chance will be having some great adventures in, "Little Man's Big Dream." I'm sure it will put happy smiles on many little faces.

The links for all of the "Mis-Adventures of Chance" books are listed right here under "My books," as well as my email address if you have any questions about any of my books or future projects.

Have a great week end my friends!

It's all about Ladybugs!

Thought I would share with my little family of followers the lovely cover for my newest and soon to be released children's picture book, "Ladybug! Ladybug!" Alexandra MacVean delivered up more than I could have ever hoped for with this fabulous cover. I am so fortunate to have her working along side me on this project!

I've co-authored three children's books and published three poetry books for adults so far, but this will be my very first book of poetry for children. I never imagined it would be so much fun!

As you can see by the title, this book is all about those cute little creatures that adults and children alike seem to adore. Ladybugs! I'm hoping that through my poetry and Alexandra's beautiful illustrations, every child will have as much fun reading my book as we had writing and illustrating it.

Hope your day is filled with joy. Don't forget to pause and give thanks for all your blessings!

Writer's woes.

It's almost noon here in southern Arizona and I can look forward to another very warm sunshiny day. I hope you're enjoying a bit cooler weather where you live.

I've been kept busy with life's little day to day obstacles we all have to face and it's really cut down on the ability to focus on my writing. I have so many unfinished projects, I don't know where to begin once I do find a spare moment just for myself..

I suppose all writers face common problems. One of mine is finding a quiet place where I can think and not be disturbed. (My dream is a little cabin in the woods, but I can't see that happening any time soon.) My favorite place to read and to write is my bedroom, but it was too small, so my desk and computer is in another room. I've often thought about hanging a "DO NOT DISTURB. WRITER AT WORK" sign, but I've noticed my other half becomes suddenly blind when he gets hungry or wants to talk. Should I try it anyway? Hmm...

Oh well, life goes on and we do what must be done. I'm grateful for each and every day I'm given. We're not promised tomorrow, so let's appreciate whatever blessing comes our way, however big or small it might be.

Have a wonderful and safe week end my friends!

Me a children's book author!

Several years ago, if anyone would have told me I would be the author of several children's books I would have thought them mad! It has been a long journey with many ups and downs, but I wouldn't trade it for anything else.

Getting messages and photos from parents who have purchased my previous books for their children, hearing how delighted they were at receiving them is beyond anything I could ever have imagined.
Just this morning I received the final proof for the book cover of my soon to be released picture book, "Ladybug! Ladybug!" and my heart leaped for joy! I could just see tiny hands turning pages and little eyes filling up with wonder and delight at seeing the beautiful illustrations. What greater reward could one ever feel than this!

Many of my family and friends have been asking when my next books will be released. Well, the third book of the "Mis-Adventures of Chance" series, "A Day At The Park" is now available for online purchase. Hop over to my author page for more info!  https://www.facebook.com/charlotterainsauthor/?fref=nf  And hopefully "Ladybug! Ladybug!" will be available in July! (Keeping my fingers crossed!)

Wishing my friends and fans a wonderful and safe week end!