Looking forward to 2017!

Good evening my friends! I'm sitting here in my office, all warm and cozy, and enjoying the nice weather we've been having. While some are hating the freezing temperatures and shoveling snow, it was a nice 71 degrees here where I live in sunny Arizona. I spent more time than usual outdoors today taking advantage of the blessing while it lasts.
Other than enjoying the warm weather, I've accomplished a bit of writing in the past week. The final Mis-Adventures of Chance book, Little Man's Big Dream, will be well on its way to my illustrator any day now. One more loose end tied up before the end of the year.
Like so many, I'm looking forward to the new year and all the possibilities it holds. If all turns out as expected, the second book in my Flitter, Flutter, Crawly series, Bluebird! Bluebird! should be published along with, Little Man's Big Dream. So much to look forward to!
Have a blessed week! :)
~ Charlotte