Old and New

I have such a fondness, even a kinship if you will, to old abandoned homes. When I ran across this painting on Facebook, I was so touched by its lonely appearance I was inspired to write this poem. I do hope you will enjoy it and possibly relate to what I was feeling.

A tribute poem to the contemporary artist, Tom Christopher:  "Barely Standing"
~~~ I STOOD ~~~
I stood tall and strong
It didn’t feel so long ago
My windows shone crystal clear
My curtains slightly blown
By a warm summer breeze
I wore a coat of lovely green
And my door welcomed all
My roof was sound and my floors
Were warm… as were my walls
Now I stand not quite as tall
Leaning somewhat with age
I must admit I’m a bit tired
And I do feel lonely at times…
O, but the memories I still hold
All Rights Reserved © C. J. Rains 2/15/2018

I am a writer of children's books, short stories and much more, but I will always be a poet first. If you write poetry, please feel free to share your work with me. I would love nothing more than reading the works of my followers. :)

~~ C.J. Rains

Meet Ernie!

Good morning! I'm happy to be back after the holidays and having that dreadful flu and stomach bug that's been going around. Hoping all is well with everyone and you're enjoying this new year we've been blessed with.

I'm so excited to post a little sneak peek of one of the characters in my newest and soon to be published children's book, "Meagan's Wish." Please allow me to introduce you to, "Ernie." Ernie plays a big part in my new book, and I'm sure you will be just as charmed by him as I am!

I can't begin to tell you how utterly excited I am to see this book coming to life and finally be published! It's a dream come true for me, and I am so grateful to have Alexandra MacVean on my team once again.

Have a wonderful day!

~ C.J ~