Old and New

I have such a fondness, even a kinship if you will, to old abandoned homes. When I ran across this painting on Facebook, I was so touched by its lonely appearance I was inspired to write this poem. I do hope you will enjoy it and possibly relate to what I was feeling.

A tribute poem to the contemporary artist, Tom Christopher:  "Barely Standing"
~~~ I STOOD ~~~
I stood tall and strong
It didn’t feel so long ago
My windows shone crystal clear
My curtains slightly blown
By a warm summer breeze
I wore a coat of lovely green
And my door welcomed all
My roof was sound and my floors
Were warm… as were my walls
Now I stand not quite as tall
Leaning somewhat with age
I must admit I’m a bit tired
And I do feel lonely at times…
O, but the memories I still hold
All Rights Reserved © C. J. Rains 2/15/2018

I am a writer of children's books, short stories and much more, but I will always be a poet first. If you write poetry, please feel free to share your work with me. I would love nothing more than reading the works of my followers. :)

~~ C.J. Rains