A nice review.

I haven't posted her in a couple of days, but yesterday I was surprised with a most wonderful review of my second published poetry book, MY HOME, YOUR HOME and wanted to share a little of it with you. It starts out like this:

Charlotte Rains has written a comfortable book. By that I mean she has given us a work that provides great comfort and enjoyment. There is a picture of an overstuffed chair on the cover. Reading her book is like getting into your sweat pants and your favorite pullover and then getting cozy in that great big chair. You can not help but feel good during and after reading, MY HOME, YOUR HOME.
In her poem, "GOING HOME AGAIN," she points to some of the physical triggers that can help us make the journey back - a touch, a sound, the scent of rain. Her offering, "THE SMELL OF HOME," brings alive the reality of the smells of bacon, bread, fresh coffee and the rattle of pots and pans. She writes of everyday simple things and weaves them into a complexity of inter-woven memories of the past and the things that brought us comfort. Her family becomes our family and we can easily put the faces of our own loved ones onto the pictures that she describes.

In "COME STAY WITH ME," we find the real purpose behind the book:

" I bid you come and stay with me,
if you feel the need to be set free
from the busy city so full of strife,
to a quiet home and a peaceful life."

There it is! MY HOME, YOUR HOME is a chance for us to escape the pressures of the day, to flee the things that weigh us down, to break the chains that hold us back. C.J. Rains is much more than a poet, she is indeed a therapist! Come to her couch and be healed. It's as simple as that! But she does not call it her couch, she calls it "MY HAVEN." It is her private place, out of sight, a place that others do not know about, where she can go to ponder and relax. She tells us how to find our own haven:

"you've only to look deep inside
it's right there within,
That's where it begins.
You need not search far and wide."

Charlotte Rains is a talented and powerful writer. She has the ability to touch souls and she has done so admirably in, MY HOME, YOUR HOME - selected poems of home and family.

You can find the link to purchase this book right here on my blog under, My Books.


  1. Congratulations on your new book and the amazing review it received! The excerpts of your poetry book sound eloquent and comforting, so I can see why. Blessings!

    1. Thank you so very much, Arnoldo. It was a joy to write of home and family, and also very comforting for me. Blessings to you also!

  2. Wonderful news on your review, Charlotte. So very happy for you and well deserved. :)

    1. Thanks so much, Alexandra. I was so pleased, and very surprised!