Enjoying Life!

(photo from pinterest.com)

These past few days have kept me quite busy. As some may already know, I am expecting my very first great-grandchild in March. (It's a girl!) Planning and shopping with my daughter and granddaughter has been fun, but I found I am no longer the "Energizer Bunny" I used to be.. It was hard to keep up with those two!

My evenings have found me either trying to catch up on my reading, editing my next children's picture book, or working on my very first novella. I have ventured into a whole new genre with one, and find it quite exciting. I posted a small excerpt on my Author Page if you'd like to pop over there for a peek.

The Joys of Retirement

I have so enjoyed being retired, even with it being forced due to a back injury. I suddenly realized how very much I missed reading and writing. Since my retirement and all the free time a person could hope for, I've written and published three books of poetry, and discovered the joy of writing for children. Hoping to publish my very first illustrated picture book in the upcoming months of this new year!

But that's not all I am enjoying! I spend a lot of that free time taking care of my hubby and trying out all the new recipes I find on him! lol! I love to cook and decorate. My mother was an excellent cook and an immaculate housekeeper.If my budget was a little bigger, I would truly have a blast!

New Project Coming Soon

I'm so excited about my new project that is currently underway with my illustrator, Alexandra H. MacVean over at Blue Chair Diary Illustrations. I'm sure she will make it something very special for all lovers of Ladybugs, both young and old. I hope you will follow along on this fun journey!

New Adventures

I'm pretty excited about all that has been transpiring this weekend! Between my new author Facebook page, a few new upcoming book projects and now a website, I couldn't be more thrilled! I'm looking forward in sharing my writing journey with friends and family, and I do hope you'll choose to follow along. I'll do my best to keep you updated here over the coming weeks and months. Happy New Year!

~ C.J.