Rooting out the old

It has been so nice and warm here, I have removed the electric blanket and used a fan in my room for a few days now. No, don't be jealous if there is still some snow on the ground where you live! It will cool down by Monday, so I am told, and (my enemy), summer, is not far off. We are prone to having triple digit summers where I live, so thus is why I term the word, "enemy."

Everywhere I look now I see signs of Spring. Pretty little flowers are popping up here and there, trees are budding, and birds are singing. There's a carnival in town this week end, and children are running around with faces all aglow, eager for good things to eat and thrilling rides!

Spring is coming, no matter where we live. The old is rooted out to make way for the new. This is life. This is another opportunity for all of us to root out the old things that have made us unhappy, and bring forth something new that will give us a fresh start on a new and productive life.

I hope your week end is filled with family and friends and much happiness!

~ C.J. ~


  1. I love the peacefulness your rose photograph evokes. I also agree with your words of wisdom on Spring being a time for renewal, which is also the purpose of Lent. Blessings!

  2. Thank you so much, Arnoldo. Spring is such a beautiful season, so full of hope. Blessings to you also!