Getting started

Sometimes the hardest part of writing can be just getting started. That ominous blank computer screen, or that blank sheet of paper staring back at you in the early morning or late night hours can feel quite threatening at times. "Fill me up or I'll haunt your dreams!" Yes, it can be terrifying!

I've been dealing with that 'blank computer screen syndrome' lately. So what I decided to do was go back into my desk and pull out a few of the unfinished stories I've chucked away over the years. Believe me, that can be a frustrating task all by itself. When I said few, I should have said dozens! Who knew! This is just one of the many tasks we writers deal with in our oh so glamorous lives. Sheesh!

But today, Voila! I defeated the blank screen! A certain little character popped back into my head while I was searching, and I began to type. It's only one hurdle, but I managed to leap over it and send some words flying onto that ominous blank screen. Who knows what tomorrow might bring! Or even late tonight for that matter!

How do you manage to overcome those 'blank' days of writing?


  1. Although I illustrate more than I write, I can relate. Whether it's trying to illustrate something or write a simple blog post, I've had those frustrating days of having the perfect hot cuppa in hand but nothing coming out of my creative heart/mind. Some days, I just simply walk away. Other days, I 'look' for inspiration. Whether getting out to people watch, listening to music or going on a walk through the neighborhood gardens - and soon, voila, the magic flows again. :)

  2. I've done my fair share of walking away, Alexandra. I'm so glad that you seem to be surrounded by many forms of inspiration. No matter what our craft, it seems we all fall into those 'blank days' at one time or another.